La Jolla & the San Diego Coast

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our second day in San Diego, we opted for a tour of the city and surrounding area. We all piled into the car and Bill played tour guide until we were all so tired we just wanted to go to bed. (And we did, super early!) Our first stop was La Jolla beach and the nearby bluffs. (Pronounced "La Hoy-ya") Apparently this is a very affluent neighborhood; the homes up in the hills were huge!

Afterwards we rode around the bluffs to the "Cave Store." We parked and wandered around on the cliffs for a bit; the views were amazing! There were wild seals down below sunning on the big rocks; it's the first time I'd seen seals and sea lions in the wild before! PS - I should have worn sandals, not boots!

Speaking of the "Cave Store," it really is a store with a cave! There are stairs inside that lead down to Sunny Jim Cave which opens up at the bottom of the cliffs! Dan and I both paid $4 to take the 145 steps to the bottom... and then had to climb back up! (We are so out of shape!) But I'd say the view and experience was worth it. I wonder how many people have stood on those cliffs and never knew they could go down there?

We saw much more of the La Jolla coast, but I will save that for another post!