Get Your Kicks

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Route 66 is pretty cool. Although, I do admit, I wouldn't want to drive on it for any extended amount of time, especially when the (sort-of) nicely-paved and multi-laned route 40 is only feet away as a second option. But getting off to see some of the old mid-western towns along 66's route is worth the detour. Especially when the roadside is dotted with some of the most bizarre attractions in this country. I know there is much more to see along the 2,451 mile stretch of Route 66, but we just partook in the stretch of it through the Texas panhandle.

The first thing we came across was worth exiting and backtracking for, and I hadn't even seen mention of it on a map anywhere. I'm 99.9% sure this little oddity had nothing to do with the classic 66 of the past, but someone had taken it upon themselves to create a monument to peace, anti-war sentiments, and a memorial of sorts right up against the road. I'm pretty sure that the person who created this crazy sight even intends to be buried there; his tomb"stone" is already set up and waiting for his death date.

Next we were entering the city of Amarillo. We drove through the old strip of remaining businesses on 66 through town and then set off to find the one thing I was determined to see: Cadillac Ranch. We got all turned around and then finally figured out how to get over to it. There were two entire school buses of teenagers there painting, which is welcomed and was even encouraged by the lady at the Texas visitors center; she circled the Home Depot on the map for us for spray paint haha.

Our final attraction was the Route 66 midpoint in Adrian, Texas, which is only about 50 miles west of Amarillo. We were told by the same visitor's center lady that if we did any one thing while we were in Texas it should be that we stop and have a slice of pie at the Midpoint Cafe. So we did! I had an ice cold tea, grilled cheese, and a huge slice of chocolate creme pie. Dan had cherry. Heaven.