Gorgeous Sedona

Friday, May 31, 2013

We're getting settled here in California and I've been so sick that I don't have much to share other than to say we've been apartment hunting and getting aquainted with the area. But what I haven't shared are more photos from our trip over!

Sedona, Arizona is, in my opinion, the most beautiful little town in our country and it deserves a post of its own.

To get there you leave the flatter, more barren desert in the Flagstaff area and start down the hill into the canyon that Sedona sits in the bottom of. Winding roads take you down into the pines and you begin to notice the iron-rich clay that the area is known for rising up around you.

Adorable little cabins and campsites sit tucked in between the trees and alongside Oak Creek. A famous rock that people use as a sliding board into the creek has even earned this little area the honor of being a state park. The cute little town itself is full of shops, hotels, and restaurants and has a lot of Native American touches. In fact, the Native Americans used to and continue to consider Sedona a spiritual place due to the vortexes found dotted throughout the area.

I wish Dan and I could have spent some more time here, and we really should have considering the traffic/accident situation we found ourselves in just an hour down the road. But we took our time and took a detour to hike up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross for a great view. We may just have to make a road trip for a camping weekend there at some point while we're living in California!