A Laguna Beach Date Night

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dan and I were pretty lazy this weekend. We were invited to one of his co-workers' house on Friday evening for pizza and cider with himself, his wife, and their two adorable daughters. (We are making friends! Yay!) So we slept in pretty late on Saturday morning and woke up with no plans whatsoever. I suggested an afternoon on the beach and soon we had made plans for a date night picnic in Laguna.

Amazingly, and I can't get over this, we are only 12 miles to the closest beach (Newport) and only 15 miles through the canyon to the adorable little surf town of Laguna Beach. Made pretty famous by one of those many OC-based TV shows, it's now pretty overrun with tourists compared to ten years ago, according to our friends here. But after our afternoon there back in February, and still slightly unfamiliar with Newport Beach or Huntington Beach closer to us, we decided to fight the traffic for a late evening in the sand there.

We found parking, ordered take-out from Johnny Rocket's, and set out to find a little spot to spread out our towels. Neither of us could stop saying with amazement, "Can you believe we pretty much live here!? That we can just come and have a cheeseburger and milkshake on the beach anytime we want!?" I can't get over it! There are no words to describe this crazy feeling. WE LIVE AT THE BEACH, basically. 12 miles... twenty minutes... dude! What a date night!

I'm kind of in love with Orange County. Not gonna lie!