Our First Week

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We've been in California now for 18 days and in our new apartment for one week. Remember how we packed pretty much nothing? Well now we have pretty much nothing, and a lot of space to fill.

Our apartment is a double master with lots of mirrors, sliding doors, and natural light. I made my first Vine video to show it off but my friend Diana says it's too fast and it kind of makes me sick to watch it now haha. So far we've bought a bunch of kitchen stuff, a shelving unit for the living room, a mattress (bed to come soon!) and a table/desk for Dan to set up his workspace on. We still need a dresser, but until then all of my t-shirts are in the floor. I Skyped with my mom and Amy and that little 9-year-old scolded me for having a messy room.

Life here hasn't been incredibly exciting for me yet; I take Dan to work, shop for things for the apartment, put together Ikea furniture, clean, cook, pick him up from work, and watch a lot of Hulu. I haven't found a job or met anyone yet either, so things are kind of slow going. That will change, though. I just have to give it time.