Chelsea and the US Open of Surfing

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First things first... Chelsea is here!!! We picked her up from the airport here in Irvine on Saturday afternoon and excitedly helped her get her bags into her new room. We followed that by an evening trip to Laguna Beach, where I finally watched the sun set over the ocean.

Sunday morning we woke up and immediately showed Chelsea the most "California" things you can imagine: the beach, palm trees, surfers, skateboarders, and a billion bikinis... at the Vans US Open of Surfing. I was incredibly excited to attend for the first time after watching the event on TV several times as a teenager. I was really into skateboarding culture in my mid-teens and was really excited to be in the midst of it. We parked at our friends James and Laura's house and we all walked to Downtown Huntington as a big group.

Everything was super crowded. People were barely dressed and the party was in full force. We walked the pier for a chance to see the surf competition because the beach was packed. I was able to watch a few rounds of the women's finals before we headed down to the sand towards the skating section of the event.

We managed to watch about an hour of the Van Doren skate competition finals. I was steadily watching Greyson Fletcher and Chris Gregson, and then we actually ran into (read: crossed paths with) Greyson Fletcher on the street on our way back to James and Laura's. Apparently he won 2nd place, but we didn't stay for the results.

After hearing the news about the riots in Huntington Beach after the event was over, I'm glad we didn't stick around! How crazy! And how awful that things like this end up happening when things like this are offered. This is why we can't have nice things! Anyway, we had a great weekend!