Independence Day

Friday, July 5, 2013

We had a wonderful 4th of July - our first one celebrating near the beach! After lunch we headed to Huntington Beach to James and Laura's house. They were outside lounging around with their neighbors while the kids all ran around together and drew all over the street with sidewalk chalk. Two smokers/grills were going and smelling delicious and we sat around and enjoyed everyone's company and a few ciders and/or beers while the food cooked. (Insta-video here!)

 James & Laura's oldest daughter, Brooklyn. My little buddy.

Austin and Lindsey showed up while we were eating and hung out for a while before we headed out for the second part of our day. Our friend Kyle lives in Newport Beach and had invited us to join in on the festivities that night.

We borrowed bikes from Lindsey's uncle and then biked from Huntington Beach down to the Newport Beach peninsula. Note that this was my first time on a bike since my trip to Miami! I was struggling for a while (especially nervous around oncoming bikes and pedestrians on narrow sidewalks!) but once I raised my seat and was more comfortable I was really enjoying our ride.

Dan took this of us riding along the Santa Ana River.
I was too afraid to take photos, aka, let go of my handlebars!
Newport Beach on the 4th of July is quite infamous around here, apparently. The streets had been shut down and police were out on bikes and horses; locals wandered the streets in bikinis, yelled down from balconies, and were cooking, drinking, and dancing all over the place. It was sort of straight out of a college party movie. (Here's a good photo for reference, but we were there after dark and people were much more drunk/wild by then.) Very interesting!

Ok, so now I officially want a bike so I can ride all over town!