Welcome to Fall!

Friday, October 4, 2013

The last few weeks at work have been craaaazy! I glance at the clock thinking I've been there for half an hour, only to find out it's almost lunch time! Things there are completely nuts, but really fun. I never thought I'd like a job this much. Plus, I get totally awesome perks! Sales reps gift us with wine and other treats randomly, and you can't argue with free wine! A coworker and I wander through the point-of-sale warehouse sometimes and the guy there lets us take fun things back to our cubes. (Sailor Jerry hula girl stickers, Kraken Rum logo posters, ect. Designer's delight!)

Besides my job being awesome, my fall shows have come back on, we finally ordered a couch like real adult people, and we have weekend after weekend planned with awesome things as far as I can see! Tomorrow night is the Anberlin / The Maine show in Santa Ana, and I am SO stoked for my 4th Anberlin and first The Maine performance. The weekend after is the Color Run in San Diego, followed by my birthday week! And like (nearly) every year, Di will be here just in time for celebrations! We're planning a weekend in Palm Springs, trips to LA, a possible Rocky Horror Picture Show showing, possibly another concert, and tons of exploring of the Orange County area. Just how much can I fit into the next five weeks!? And before you know it we'll be celebrating the holidays with our family and our friends back home!

Bursting with joy here. Things are just so good!