Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I believe that a new blog calls for a new introduction of myself!
(Note: This was the first post for this specific blog. Any posts from before this post are from my previous blog and were moved over at a later date to bring all of my "moving to and living in CA" posts together.

I'm Emily. I was born (near) and raised on a tobacco farm in rural Southside Virginia, a short 35 miles from a small town called Farmville. (Yes, it is a real town.) Now I'm living in sunny Orange County, California, a long 35 miles from the big city of Los Angeles (which I can guarantee you no one questions the legitimacy of!)

In May 2013, my husband Dan and I sold most of our belongings, fit what we could into our Jetta, and left Virginia for California without much of a plan. His sudden job offer was our only arrangement, and nothing says "Living the American Dream" like driving across the country and sleeping on a borrowed air mattress until you can afford a real one. But honestly, I love telling this story. It's the most spontaneous and life-changing decision we've ever made, and I know I'll never regret it.

I have actually been blogging since 2009; I started my first official blog as a way to keep up with friends and family as I took off to New York City for a course at Parsons. After that it became my own little space to record my life, regardless of whether anyone read it or not. Somehow I gained a few followers and made a few new friends. At the end of 2013 I decided to make my old blog private, feeling that my posts from 2009 no longer represent the person I am in 2014.

I hope all of my old followers will "follow" me over to this new space, and I hope I will find and enjoy the community of many more along the way!

♥ Em