Oh hello, October!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall is my favorite! And since October is usually when you can really tell fall is truly here, October is my favorite! The cool mornings... cardigans, boots, and scarves... warm vanilla tea... the beautiful colors... not to mention, my birthday! There are few things to complain about in October. All is good.

But give it up, California (SoCal specifically.) You do not have seasons, don't even play. Yes, I'm sure places north of LA might be changing and colorful, but the palm trees here believe it is still July. I will admit though, it has been cooler in the mornings, which has absolutely been a saving grace in a time when I've truly needed some kind of change. I have been in a different place with myself these past few months and October may be just what I needed to get me out of this slump.

While I can't have the true beauty of autumn here in Orange County, my mother was more than helpful in sending several photos she took around the farm. Exhibit 1, above. I've also found myself day dreaming about my gorgeous drives through the Blue Ridge Mountains on my hour-long commute to school back in the day... probably the most beautiful commute one could take if you had to. (Just imagine what this looks like in October. That photo + this photo combined. Pure bliss.)

I hate feeling like I don't really have anything worth writing about other than, "Oh yay, it's sort of fall!" Honestly, we've been living a pretty quiet life lately. (Really though, aren't we always?) But I don't want to feel like I don't have anything worth sharing about my life unless I've recently traveled or reached some major milestone... life isn't always like that. I think many people can relate that large chunks of our lives are spent living quietly; we're mostly working, running errands, and doing household chores while peppering in weekend trips and local exploration. But that's not all that life is here. My favorite moments lately are just of Dan and I curling up in our papasan chairs on the balcony and talking for hours. I also went climbing with him for the first time a couple of weekends back. And I have three concerts to go to this month! Life is quiet... but life is good.

Maybe slowing down is what fall is really all about. My Instagram and FB feeds, once full of beaches and exciting summer events, are now full of books, chunky sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes. Maybe I just want to live in a perpetual state of fall, because I could curl up in a down comforter with a good book and be good to go forever!