Weekly Roundup

Friday, May 22, 2015

Work seen in Venice Beach / by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

It's been a productive week around here! I've been working on various different design projects and having a blast with all of them. It's much more fun to help other individuals with projects than to work for a big corporation; there's just so much more freedom and I love the short bursts of changing projects. But the corporate jobs bring in steady income... so lucky thing I just scored a part-time job with one! Starting next Tuesday I'll be working around 20 hours a week, remotely (yes!), for a network of surgery centers. Not exciting work necessarily, but steady work and a steady check! This is the perfect setup for me; I didn't feel right aiming for full-time positions with a move coming up, and by working part-time I can still commit plenty of time to my other current projects and blog.

Speaking of our move... only 73 more days left in California! It still isn't registering.

I'm in my first week of three doing the 21 Day Fix. The food part isn't so bad so far, but the workouts and my sore muscles might kill me, ha!

I posted two local guides earlier this week. Check them out if you're interested in ever visiting Santa Monica or San Diego! These were really fun for me because I derive a lot of satisfaction from helping people plan travel. Dream job: travel planner!

One last random thing, I found my old Tumblr this past week and decided to revive it. It's full of ridiculous photos and gifs, mostly from TV shows and movies, and it cracks me up.


  • Mad Mad Fury Road Whether you're psyched to go see this or couldn't care less, definitely go see it! We saw this movie on Monday night and I kind of want to go see it again! The action starts immediately and goes non-stop. Max himself is more of a spectator while Charlize Theron's character take the reigns, but it's done so well! (Not everyone is thrilled about this though.) Fans are major crushing on Nicholas Hoult's character Nux. I'm understandably obsessed with the existence of 'Coma the Doof Warrior,' aka guitar guy. (New favorite term from that article: "WTF-ery.")

  • Chef's Table If you enjoy beautifully shot documentaries and cooking shows, this series of six features is for you. They're quiet and beautiful with each episode exploring the lives and careers of some of the best chefs in the world. We've been watching them throughout the last week or so and have really enjoyed them. (Created by and available on Netflix.) Thanks to Leslie Graham's blog for the suggestion!

On the Internets

  • In Flight This op-ed by Mark Vanhoenacker is a beautifully written excerpt from his upcoming book "Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot." After reading this article, I'm definitely adding this book to my "to buy" list!
  • Shia LeBeouf dropped acid as a form of research for an upcoming role, then hilariously decided to Tweet the experience.
  • In the late 1970's a group of Russian geologists came across a family so removed from the world that they didn't even know that WWII had happened. They'd been living deep in the Siberian forest for 40 years. This one is insanely interesting.
  • I'm was sad to hear about the deaths of Dean Potter and Graham Hunt. While I dabble in climbing myself, Dan is the real climber in our family. It scares me to think of someone tragically dying while doing what they love.
  • What I've Learned About Female Desire from Decades of Reading This list really had me laughing!
  • These Brits clearly don't know how delicious biscuits and gravy is! Apparently it looks like "a clam vomiting, a delicacy in the South I imagine." You imagined correctly!

Everyone have a glorious Memorial Day weekend!