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Friday, June 5, 2015

Is it Friday already? The week is pretty much over and I've been so busy working on my friend's book that I've barely left the apartment. Dan and I started the week by visiting the Lyon Air Museum on Sunday, and that was about it other than errands. I haven't been "going and doing" so much lately, but I hope to change that this weekend. The book design is 99% finished as of yesterday after all, so I should celebrate by getting away from my laptop for a change!

Because our time here is running short, I've decided to do a series of comparison and retrospective posts about our time here. Expect lots of lists from me as the clock counts down, from my favorite places to eat in Orange County to things like how huge a difference it is to drive here compared to where I grew up.

Speaking of countdown... 56 days until we move out of California!


  • When Faults Collide by Claire Granger I guess this can count as what I've been reading this week, because I've read it about three times now while I've been designing the interior and line editing the entire thing! Claire and I have been friends since high school and I am so excited for her as she works to self-publish her first book. And I may be biased, but I think the storyline is great. I will share more about this as it gets closer to the release date!


  • Kung Fury I love to watch really bad, stupid movies... like, the "they had to do this on purpose" kind of bad. I blame my friend Tom for my love of these gems; we would all hang out over at his place on Tuesdays or on weekends watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 or RiffTrax versions of some of the worst movies ever made, like The Room or Hobgoblins, as well as some of RiffTrax's masterpieces to movies like Twilight and Harry Potter. (Seriously if you do anything today, click one of those two links and watch how much more fun they can make a movie!) Anyway, Kung Fury was actually made to be just as ridiculous as it is. It's only 30 minutes long, so if you have time... you're welcome.
  • Game of Thrones Only two more episodes left this season, guys! Things are getting intense! I'm obsessed, so I love seeing little inside looks like this one, about the battle at Hardhome. (Spoilers! Do not watch unless you're caught up, or just watch at all.)

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I've been a little nostalgic about home lately (Thanks Jordan!) so I've included a few links to older posts I'm really fond of. (Hint: They're mostly about Virginia!)