Weekly Roundup

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hiii blogland. It's the end of the week! Would you believe it if I said I haven't heard from that freelance guy for almost two weeks now? That means I haven't had any work to do for him since last Monday, as in two Mondays ago. So much for having some steady work coming in. Thank goodness my friend Claire has kept me so busy with this book, which is now done, by the way! It's on its way to the printers, and I'll be holding a copy in my hand by the end of the month! Copies will be available on Amazon starting July 1st, and I'm so excited... it's real! I designed that!

Dan and I have been together for eight years today! Isn't that crazy? I almost can't believe it myself, but then again I feel like it's been longer. We're getting closer and closer to our five year wedding anniversary, too. I got super nostalgic and pulled out some pictures from eight years ago, emo kid haircuts included.

This past Monday I posted a little information about visiting the Griffith Observatory in LA. My biggest tip? Be prepared to hike.

Countdown: Chelsea leaves CA in just 11 days. And only 49 left for us! Ahhh! And I still haven't announced where we're going. I might get around to that soon.

I've been invited to join a community Pinterest board of travel bloggers called Wanderlust Stories. Head over, check it out, follow it, and join if you'd like!

Listening To

The Tron: Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk Not even joking. I am so, so sick of all my my music right now and absolutely hate everything the radio stations have been playing for the past 18 months nonstop. (What's up with that? Do they want us to hate them?) I tossed my tiny case of CDs to Chels (yes, I still buy legit hard copies of music I enjoy,) and the only thing in there that we weren't sick of was the Tron soundtrack. We popped it in the player and drove all over Tustin feeling like we were on some sort of intense world-saving mission. (Play track 8: The Game Has Changed. Can you imagine?) It has come to this. Please someone give me some suggestions for new music.


Finding Carter Because I come from a different experience family-wise, I tend to be drawn to shows where the main character has a different family experience as well. Finding Carter is about a girl who finds out at 16 years old that she had been kidnapped at the age of three; the woman the thought was her mom was actually her abductor. I love watching to see how she deals with her new and actual family. What is nature and what is nurture? I'm hooked. I also really love that the teen situations are so real: they can meet up after school and share a beer with friends and smoke a little pot and they're all still just fine, normal teenagers; it's not shown as risky and detrimental behavior. If this was on ABC Family they would have had one scene like this and someone would have almost died and learned from their mistakes and changed their ways, just to "be a lesson" to the kids at home watching. This show does it real; the pot is the least of their problems. And trust me, there are plenty of problems. You can watch all of Season 1 and what they've had so far of Season 2 on Hulu.

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