Weekly Roundup

Friday, June 19, 2015

I've been pretty MIA on the blog this week, for a couple of reasons. One is that Chelsea is leaving so soon and there has been a lot of packing, organizing, Craigslist-ing, and thrift store-ing this week. Because of that, there hasn't been a lot of "blog-worthy" stuff going on around here. All of this is just making it more and more apparent that our time here is running out. Chels has taken down our friend's art from above the couch (it belongs to her) and nothing makes your apartment feel more temporary and empty than blank white walls.

I think Audrey-cat can also tell that something is going on. As things on the walls in their room have been taken down and the contents of shelves and closet space packed away, she's been a lot more needy and hiding in her little cat house often. Poor little kitty has no idea what she's in for next Wednesday. She'll probably bit a bit traumatized from suddenly being surrounded with strangers, new sounds and smells, and a long flight across the country. Chelsea read that she'll have to take her out of her carrier to go through security at the airport, so she bought Auds a harness and leash so she can have a handle on her if she manages to wriggle away and tries to run. We've been warming her up to the idea by putting the harness on her and taking her outside for little walks. We've created a monster because now she'll sit and scratch at the front door, letting us know she's curious and wants to go out. Cats: like dogs, with more sass.

We'll miss you, Vince's painting. Photo taken for future Craigslist post. Anyone need a couch?

‣ I finally received my physical copies of Claire's book!! I just love flipping through it and being in awe of my friend's accomplishment. I can't wait to visit her in Richmond in August and have her sign my copy.

‣ I wrote a post of my 10 Favorite Restaurants in Orange County. I'm hoping this may be helpful to anyone visiting the area in the future, or maybe to people who have just moved here or already live here. There are a couple of places in Anaheim on the list that may be of interest to anyone visiting and staying near Disneyland!

Listening To

  • One of my favorite bands from my college years, Emarosa, is back with a new lead singer and is amazing as ever! They've somehow managed to stay true to themselves while also growing with their fans. Their new song, 'But You Won't Love A Ghost' is beautiful. I was so happy to find this following last week's plea for new music. (Thanks for all of your suggestions, by the way!)

Watching (Movie Trailers)

  • 'The Falling' featuring Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams.
  • 'Queen of the Desert' featuring Nicole Kidman, James Franco, and Robert Pattinson
  • 'A Walk in the Woods' featuring Robert Redford, Emma Thompson, and Nick Nolte (and lots of fun cameos!)

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