Lovely Letters - May & June

Monday, July 6, 2015

At the very beginning of May I ran across another blogger's post about Lovely Letters. I investigated further, then signed up at the last minute to join in on May's exchange. I am so glad I did! A lot of the joy of blogging comes from the connections we make with others and the community that can form from those connections. Participating in this monthly snail mail exchange made it easier to get to know my two partners on a more personal level.

Lovely Letters is co-hosted each month by Esther of Local Adventurer and Jordan of Beer Time With Wagner, both of whom I was partnered with for the past two months! I loved getting to know these ladies better though emails. 

Jordan was my LL partner for the month of May. She is currently living and interning in Sofia, Bulgaria! In just a few weeks she'll be back in the US for a short while, followed by a move to Scotland for business school. I can't wait to see more photos from her time in Bulgaria, including the many weekend trips she's taking all over that part of the world!

Here's what she sent:
  • Handmade cards
  • Bulgarian rose oil
  • Pens
  • Bulgaria magnet
  • Belgian dark chocolate (Not pictured... I already ate it all! ha!)

Esther was my partner for June. She actually only lives about 90 minutes away from me, in lovely San Diego. She and her husband Jacob share their blog where they share their travel stories, but they also create YouTube videos of their adventures, which are so fun to watch! Whether she's visiting family in Indonesia or hiking in her own back yard, Esther always has incredible photos to share and great advice for fellow travelers!

Here's what she sent:
  • Hedgehog cleaning mitt
  • Bag hook
  • Little pocket notebook
  • Magnet Frame
  • Lovely letter & postcard from Bali

I was actually able to meet Esther and her husband Jacob this past weekend while I was in San Diego celebrating the 4th with family! Dan and I met them and headed to Tacos el Gordo in Chula Vista with them, followed by ice cream at Hammond's in North Park. How fun to meet blog friends in real life!

I've been sort of terrible at being on time with most things lately, my packages to these girls included. As much as I've loved doing Lovely Letters these past couple of months, I'm going to take a break until we get moved and settled before I participate again. I have a lot of packing, moving, traveling, and apartment hunting to do before I can think of much more! I'm really excited to do it again, and can't wait to see who I am paired with next time!

If you'd like to sign up for the upcoming combined July/August Lovely Letters exchange, you have until tonight at midnight to do so! Click here to read more about how it works and to sign up.