Weekly Roundup

Friday, July 3, 2015

I've spent most of my week cleaning and packing. The apartment finally looks like people live here again! Boxes, both packed and empty, have been sorted in Chelsea's old closet and I've turned the rest of her room into a Craigslist showroom of sorts. Although we toyed with the idea of heading out a little earlier than expected, we've decided to stay through the whole month of July.

 Dan's 30th birthday was on Tuesday (the 30th) and he took the day off work. We had waffles and watched movies lazily all morning. I surprised him with a trip to Flightdeck, a flight simulator facility in Anaheim, followed by dinner at Prime Cut Cafe. We had a really nice day celebrating. We're spending Independence Day weekend in San Diego with family and celebrating some more!

 Nicole of Snowflakes in California was the winner of my book giveaway! I hope she really enjoys reading When Faults Collide! If you were interested in reading it as well there are four options: paperback from Barnes & Noble, paperback from Amazon, Kindle purchase through Amazon, or free download as a part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.*

 Speaking of books, I posted my June Monthly Reads on Monday.

 On Wednesday I shared a few of my favorite souvenirs from our time here in California. I've loved going through some of these things while I've been packing them away!


Listening To
  • This Is All Now feat. Jason Lancaster, "24 Hour Nights." I love Jason in pretty much every musical project he's been a part of. If you've ever listened to Mayday Parade, Go Radio, or even his solo work, you know how amazing his voice is. I don't know anything about the band "This Is All Now," but he definitely brings them the same magic that all of his past work possesses. Maybe this could be a permanent thing? Love, love, love!

  • Inside Out Dan and I went to see this last Friday evening and both really enjoyed it. It's just as charming as everyone is saying!
  • Snowden (Trailer) featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, & Nicholas Cage, directed by Oliver Stone

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