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Friday, July 10, 2015

I made a huge mistake this week. Or maybe it wasn't a mistake really, but I did get ahead of myself with this whole moving thing. In a slight panic over the fact that we only have three+ weeks left, I started posting all of our furniture and other belongings on Craigslist Tuesday night with the thought that it might take a couple of weeks for everything to sell. I imagined the panic we would face as we stared down our amazing couch on our last day here, freaking out because it hadn't sold and we hadn't a clue what to do with it. My panic was completely imaginary and absurdly unnecessary. I am currently sitting in my living room floor, because the couch is gone, with my laptop on my lap, because the coffee table is gone, and so is our entertainment center, bed frame, desk, dressers, closet storage, and pretty much anything else that helps keep your life manageable or your ass off the floor. Surprise! Things sell really quickly around here.

We have three weeks left. I feel like we're camping in our own apartment.

This does take me back to how it was when we first moved here. We slept on an air mattress for weeks and bought our furniture slowly over the next six months. We did a lot of sitting in the empty living room floor, much like I'm doing now. It's kind of bittersweet.

So our place is a mess. Clothes are on the floor, things from our desk are on the floor, our mattress is on the floor. If you follow me on Snapchat (embusyliving) you've seen the chaos as I've raced to empty out and move things around for these strangers to come and take away all of our stuff. As a result I've started purging and organizing already, throwing out old paperwork and packing things into manageable boxes for the move.

Did I mention we have like 22 days left?

On Wednesday my friend Claire (the one who wrote the book) decided she needed a vacation. I told her to "come on!" and within four hours she'd bought a plane ticket. She'll be here for a few days next weekend and I can't wait! It will be nice to go out and about (tourist style) one last time before we turn in the keys.

While I've been in packing mode this week, I did manage to take a few nice breaks:

  • I finally got around to posting about my May & June Lovely Letters exchanges this past week. Click through to learn more about Lovely Letters and keep an eye out for the next exchange sign up, coming in August. I'll post a reminder when it happens.

  • Lost We've started re-watching Lost on Netflix because why not? Lost was one of our favorite shows and our entire group of friends were all so into it that we even had a huge Lost-themed party for the show's finale, complete with a Dharma cake and costumes. We also may or may not be planning to name our first son after one of the characters, not sorry. PS, Lost started my Senior year of high school and how was that almost 11 years ago?
  • Goosebumps (trailer) If you loved the books as a kid, you'll be really excited to see the trailer for this movie, featuring Jack Black as R. L. Stein

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