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Friday, July 24, 2015

Woah! How is it Friday!? I'm not even joking...I thought today was Thursday.

Time is obviously flying by. I'm worried that earlier next week I'll start trying to put on the brakes; everything is sinking in, big time! We leave in—#freakoutmoment—eight days!

I feel so accomplished this week. The car has been checked out and has new brakes, the U-Haul trailer has been reserved, and the hitch is being installed on our car Tuesday morning. Yep, we're hauling a trailer behind our car. We might be crazy...I know neither of us is thrilled with the idea, but it's the best option for us with so little "stuff" to take east with us.

Having Claire here last weekend was a blast. I'm so glad I got to spend that time with her as well as spend one last weekend playing tourist in our own town like that.

  • Inspired by the day I spent showing Claire around LA, I decided to write a post on how I usually play tour guide with my friends and visitors who visit and only have a few days here to explore. Believe it or not, sometimes I give the "grand tour" of LA in just one day. I don't believe this is a sufficient amount of time to commit to the city of course, but sometimes you don't have any other choice. But hey...it is possible!

  • Life After Death: A Survivor's Story by Brad Fite I met Aimee Fite nearly a decade ago during my first two years of college. We had several classes together and I sometimes attended a Bible study she used to have at a house she shared with friends. I haven't seen her in a really long time (even though she only lives about an hour away!) but we are of course friends on Facebook. Through our online connection, I've watched as she's gotten married, moved to California with her husband, and had their son. I've also witnessed, in a way, the struggles they have both dealt with in their lives and marriage as Brad suffered through extreme surgeries and PTSD after pretty much being blown apart by an IED in Afghanistan. When I saw that Brad was publishing his story as a book, I knew I needed to read it. I'm only a little way in right now, but it is so wild to hear his heartbreaking story in his own words.

  • Human Planet This eight-episode BBC special is available now on Netflix and was really fascinating to watch. Dan and I would turn this on in the evenings this week while we ate dinner in the floor, which I might advise against because the primitive people they follow around in this show do a lot of hunting. It was really interesting though, with each episode dedicated to a different extreme environment: deserts, the arctic, jungles, and even tree dwellers.
  • The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 has a new official trailer!!!
  • The Revenant (trailer) Leonardo DiCaprio is in it, so I'm sold already. Apparently it's a pretty silent film for him though, which is a first. Maybe this will be his Oscar moment?
  • Big Significant Things (trailer) Two things: 1) Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones, The Theory of Everything, Manhattan,) is the star of this indie (SXSW selected) film and I love Harry Lloyd, and 2) there's a shot of him standing in front of the Roanoke Star with the city of Roanoke, Virginia (one of my hometowns) spread out behind him, so obviously I need to watch this movie!

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