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Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekly Roundup | Em Busy Living

Hello from rural Virginia! There's no cell phone signal, no high-speed internet, and the satellite TV even cut out one night this week during a thunderstorm. Welcome to the true middle of nowhere! Ok, so I might be exaggerating a little bit... at least they have satellite TV, and if you have this one particular cell phone carrier (US Cellular) then you can get 3G cell service and a nifty "hot spot modem" from them that will give you a bit of an internet connection, too.

My family lives in Southside Virginia, which is at the very bottom and center of the state...south, east, and west of everything else in VA that you've probably ever heard of. There are rolling hills dotted with old barns, tobacco and soybeans and hay as far as the eye can see, and some of the most loving, genuine, and warm people you'll ever meet on this earth. They have fresh well water and the most beautiful sunsets you'll ever see. Southern hospitality spills out of everyone you pass, who will inevitably wave or nod or ask you how your day's going. Everyone you run into will ask you about someone in your family, comment on the weather, or fill you in on what you've missed since you last saw them, whether it's the clerk at the gas station counter or your waitress at the one restaurant in town. I grew up and lived here my first eighteen years, and this used to be the only way of life I was ever accustomed to (prior to college.)

Dan and I headed out to my parents' house on Sunday morning and have been here ever since. It's been a long, slow, quiet week, but all in the best ways of course. We've had lunch "in town" and run into a bunch of people we haven't seen in quite a while (like we always do there,) met and caught up with one of my good friends from high school for dinner, and took a day trip to the small college town of Farmville (a real—and adorable—place just short of an hour shy from here.)

I swear, I'm even talking different and I bet you it's showing in my writing. I can't help it. I just slip right back into this drawling way of speaking the minute I arrive here. Somewhere near the county line I drop and loose my G's and pick up a few extra N's to replace them with. "House" sounds like "hose" and "life" sounds like "laaf." And you should hear my days of the week..."Mun-dee," "Wins-dee," "Fry-dee."


  • Downtown Abbey. Been there done that (one of my favs!) but my mom hasn't and I'm so excited to get her hooked on this!

On the Internets
  • Uhm... remember that part about me not having any internet connection this week? (Until now where I'm struggling to use the "hot spot" from the cell phone company enough to get this posted...) Yeah, I haven't felt so disconnected from the world for so long in quite a while. (At least since Christmas.) Back to that next week!

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