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Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello from Salem, Virginia! We're crashing at Dan's parents' house while we're in this part of the state, so we're sleeping in our old bed, watching lots of movies with them, and able to meet up with lots of our friends who are still nearby.

I made sure to get here from my hometown in time to go out with my sister-in-law for her bachelorette party last Saturday night! I was able to meet some of her friends and watch her sing some killer karaoke. Seriously, she needs to sign up to try out for American Idol or something! We got home really late and I crawled into bed around 4am, which hasn't happened for me in probably three years. Seriously, I'm the oldest 28-year-old there is. I just can't hang anymore. I was a zombie all day on Sunday.

I shared a post yesterday that discussed how most of the rest of my week has gone. I've been overwhelmed with job and apartment hunting, which makes me really just want to dig a hole to crawl into. We're heading back to my parents' tonight for a few days, so hopefully I can just enjoy spending time with family and not let myself get too anxious over these things. We have all of next week to figure out our next steps (which still doesn't seem like enough time, but I'm shelving these issues until then for my own sanity!)

Other than lots of freaking out, I have been able to spend lots of time with friends this week. I had lunch with my college roommate and matron of honor, Lyndsi, on Tuesday. We then had a throwback "Tuesday at Tom's" with a few of our buddies that night. I spent yesterday wandering around downtown Roanoke with our good friend Jared after the three of us had lunch together. Last night I met up with a college friend, Georgia, for appetizers and sangria. It was so great to meet up with all of these friends, and I'm just so happy that we can all pick right up where we left off and have so much love for each other. There's nothing better.

PS, I chopped all of my hair off about three days before we left California! I'm loving the change.


  • All of the Hunger Games movies! Dan's parents had seen the first one, but they hadn't yet seen Catching Fire or Mockingjay Part 1, so of course I had to get those out and have a binge fest. Dan's parents really love movies, and they were really into these. I can't wait until November for Mp2!

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