Five Year Anniversary at Disneyland

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I am absolutely drained from this past weekend. From wedding prep to the actual wedding to the fact that I came down with something very un-fun in the midst of it all, I have very little energy or willpower to get up and do anything with my life right now. I've been laid up in bed since Sunday evening and I have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon, so I've been reading blogs, watching Netflix, and applying for jobs like my life depends on it. (Which, I guess it does, which is another story for another day.)

While digging through photos on my phone, I came across the one above and realized that I never shared any of the very few photos we took on our anniversary, which we spent at Disneyland. So now, because I have nothing else to share at the moment and because I'd like to share these...some photos of our anniversary at Disneyland! (Although, sorry for the quality. My little point-and-shoot is all I'm willing to drag through a theme park.)

Dan and I celebrated our five year anniversary at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, which was just eight miles up the road from us when we lived there just over one month ago. ("Woah" to that fact, too.) You may have read my anniversary post, "Five Years Ago Today," which posted that morning as a look back on our wedding day, but you may have also noticed that we actually loaded up and moved out of California the very next day.

So putting two and two together, you'll notice that we were absolutely crazy and decided to spend an entire long, hot day at Disneyland only 24 hours before we had to load up a U-haul and drive clear across the country.

Yep. Crazy.

Here's why: When Dan and I got married five years ago we spent our honeymoon at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I've always been obsessed with everything Disney, he'd never been before, and you can't exactly spend an entire week lying on a white sandy beach on some exotic, tropical island when you're a ginger. (Thanks Dan!) We settled on Disney World for our destination for these reasons and more; we'd have a different park to visit every day, amazing restaurants to dine in, and we could pull the entire trip together in a neat little package that included it all. (I once saw a girl I know from high school on Facebook making fun of people who choose Disney as a honeymoon destination. I'd like to tell her where to put her opinions. Also, international was not an option at the time.) We had the absolute best time there for our honeymoon, reverting to child-like status every morning then dressing up and heading out for four-course dinners every night. One night we made a pact: we should return to Disney World every five years for our anniversary, just us or with kids too (whenever we have those.) Our first five year mark just happened to fall on our very last day as full-time California residents, and I'm so glad we set aside the stress of packing and moving to enjoy it!

Because we'd both done Disneyland before, we didn't feel the need to do absolutely everything. We picked only the rides we really wanted to go on, which was far less stressful than past visits. I have to say though, Disneyland is far smaller and far more packed with people than Disney World in Florida. Lines seem twice as long, the parade was barely visible over distant heads and small children on shoulders, and standing on Main Street for the fireworks show was our only option because we literally could not move to get out of the tight crowd. I'll be happy to head back to the Florida park for anniversary ten! (Hopefully with some little ones in tow!)

PS - I'm such a kid. I still get excited over Disney princesses like I'm seven, and no I'm not ashamed in the least about it!

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