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Friday, September 18, 2015

Weekly Roundup | Em Busy Living

This past week has been the least productive and least fun in quite a while. I've been sick since last Friday (a whole week) and when you're sick it's easy to think about all of the negative things around you. Living out of suitcases and boxes has become extremely tiring. Sleeping in a new bed every few nights, staying with different family members... I'm so grateful, but it's so tiring. It's been six weeks since we left California and that's a few weeks longer than we expected to be unsettled. We're very done with this.

But things are finally happening! I finally landed an in-person interview, so the next couple of weeks should be very interesting. We'll be back and forth between Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania the rest of September and I hope by October 1st we'll have a new place of our own (finally)! Send us good vibes, prayers, and anything positive that everything starts falling into place soon. It's much appreciated!

‣Please excuse the mess that is my current blog design. I've been thinking a lot about changing it up and started just playing around with my code and a few design elements, leaving it quite the mess without taking it all the way. I want to completely rebrand and eventually switch to Wordpress, so it's just a matter of me completing my design and developing my Wordpress site before moving everything over. Until then, don't mind this current disaster!


  • The Jungle Book (trailer) This trailer finally came out this past week and I'm so excited! I'm loving this Disney animation classics > live action thing that's going on!
  • Mockingjay 2 "For Prim" (trailer) This new trailer is quite different, but they can just keep sharing things to pump everyone up about this series finale! I can't wait.
  • Allegiant (trailer) If you haven't seen Divergent or Insurgent yet, don't let this teaser trailer spoil it for you!

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