Weekly Roundup | Moving Day!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Em Busy Living, "Weekly Roundup | Moving Day!"  | The Blue Ridge Mountains in Salem, Virginia

First things first—I got the job!

I start on Monday and I'm excited and overwhelmed and exhausted and so many other crazy emotions. We're currently on an Amtrak somewhere near Charlottesville, Virginia, which I'm relieved to say since we literally had to run to catch the train in Lynchburg.

Waking up at 5am is no joke. Waking up at 5am after a late-night Walking Dead marathon is even worse. (Terrible idea, but we were on the finale of season five! We HAD to finish it!) Waking up at 5am after a late-night Walking Dead marathon and rushing to get ready/load the car/grab breakfast and gas at Sheetz and then drive an hour and fifteen minutes in the rain (thanks Hurricane Juaquin!) and praying there's parking and finding the VERY LAST SPACE in the tiny Kemper Street Station lot and dragging our three over-packed and over-weight suitcases across the cobblestones and being the very last two people to board the train approximately sixty seconds before it started moving...whew...is no. freaking. joke.

This entire process has been exhausting and ridiculous (why has it been SO HARD?!) but I hope by the end of next week we'll be settled in our new place and excitedly sharing about our first week in our new offices!

‣I haven't really been online much this week to do anything other than book our AirBnB, train tickets, and apartment hunt, but I did really enjoy this gif of Pope Francis being the life of the party.

‣JK...I did keep up with the news a bit by reading The Skimm. Thank goodness for them, or I wouldn't have a clue what's going on in the world!

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