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Friday, November 6, 2015

As of today I've officially finished my first month at my new job! Time is flying and we're making the most of it. I'm starting to find balance and "me" time, which has been really difficult living in a 250 square foot studio apartment.

Dan's office's moving day was yesterday and he's been working like crazy this week. One of the guys who does IT/networking from the California office came out to help him get everything all wired up and we've been hanging out with him and showing him around the city each night after work. It's his first time in NYC and we managed to fit in trips to Top of the Rock (at Rockefeller Center), The Ground Zero and 9/11 Monument, Greenwich Village for pizza at John's Pizzeria (legit!), Shake Shack at Madison Square Park (Flatiron Building sighting included!), Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Plaza, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and a tiny corner of Times Square (we can't avoid it living in Hell's Kitchen). This is a ton to see in just a few nights, especially considering we didn't meet up until nearly 7pm when I got off work. I'd never seen the reflecting pools at Ground Zero or the view from Top of the Rock at night, and both were beautiful. I think everyone should spend more time walking around NYC at night, because everything is really different when it's all lit up and not completely crowded with tourists.

This was one busy week, but so was last weekend! We visited the American Museum of Natural History on Saturday morning followed by a long walk through Central Park. Dan took the photo of me at the top of this post; he's really starting to get the hang of my camera and I rarely like photos of myself, so I'm loving this one! The weather was amazing (it has been all week really) and we really enjoyed seeing the colorful trees in the park. It was so relaxing and quiet compared to most of our days. That evening I was planning on going to Brooklyn for a Halloween party, but after not feeling so hot that afternoon when we returned home I ended up in bed and doing laundry instead of partying. I'm making it up to Ada by meeting her tomorrow for brunch.

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