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Friday, December 18, 2015

It has been a very, very long time since I stepped away from this blog as long as I just did. I've been blogging (mostly) consistently since April and was very proud that I would at least pop in for a Weekly Roundup on Fridays. Where did the time go?

Dan and I have had a lifetime's worth of life changes since we left California just five months ago, including our crazy two-month layover in Virginia and our drawn-out move to New York City. But now we've made another change, and that has a lot to do with why I've been so absent. Long story short: we're back in Virginia right now. I plan on writing a proper post explaining what all has happened over the past few weeks, but just know that we have amazing things happening in our lives and I'm the happiest I have been in a really long time!

If I owe you an email, it's coming soon, promise! You've read here before that I have very little cell service and almost non-existent internet where my parents live, so I'll happily report that I've loved being disconnected from the world on and off for the past few weeks.

So yes... a post about what the heck we're up to now, coming next week!



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