Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The recent storm dropped over a foot of snow here in Richmond, and I was so excited the entire time! Besides our little trip to Fairbanks for Thanksgiving '14, Dan and I haven't seen snow in three years! (I mean, let's just not count the snow in Fairbanks, right? Because it wasn't the same as getting snowed in at home!)

Dan worked in an empty office for about half an hour on Friday before returning home; everyone else just stayed home because of the pending storm. It snowed from 10am Friday until near midnight Saturday, and man did it pour!

With cabin fever building, we had to get out. We wandered down by the frozen canal, where we found a bunch of great murals. (Richmond is COVERED in amazing street art!) I can't wait to head back out and take more photos of this area once it's warmer out.

On Sunday, without the snow blowing in our faces, we walked all the way to the hospital to visit a cousin who has unfortunately been there a while. Dan helped push four cars out onto the street along the way; everywhere you looked there was someone who had dug out as much as possible and was trying, with friends pushing, to get their car out of the piles of snow left behind by street plows. Thank goodness we park in a garage. We also ventured over to the state capitol building, which looked beautiful in all the snow, but we wished we'd taken a sled because there were a ton of people sledding.

It was so fun to have snow like this. The last one this deep for us in Virginia was in 1996 (I was 10)! I almost hate to see it melt away.

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