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Friday, January 15, 2016

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Today is day six of living in Richmond, and I'd say it's going quite well. My parents helped us move into our new apartment last Saturday and we couldn't have done it without them. Dan started his new job on Monday and I've spent the week unpacking, organizing, and settling into our new home.

> So far we've bought a rug. Our living room furniture consists of two bag chairs my parents last used at the lake (and the sand that came home with them) and a huge box that we're currently using as a coffee table of sorts. Thank goodness we at least have our mattress from California. Man, I sure did miss that comfy bed. Some actual furniture should be in our future soon...I hope!

> It took a lot to warm up to this new space. Dan and I laid awake in bed the first night afraid that we'd made a huge mistake in choosing this apartment. There isn't a ton of storage and we're having to be really creative in finding a place for everything, and that's saying a lot because we don't have a lot of things. Though you never really realize how badly you need drawers in your kitchen for utensils and such until you only have two drawers in your kitchen. But we're making it work, even if it has been a big change for us. Even so, I can't wait to take some great photos to share. The natural light in these huge windows is unreal!

> PS - If you follow me on Snapchat you've probably seen a bit of a preview of our new place! Follow me: "embusyliving".

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert All hail Liz Gilbert! I have loved all of the books I've previously read by her, and just love her way with words. I can't think of any book I needed in my life more at this moment than Big Magic. I've felt my creativity rising up inside of me over the past few months and I'm aching to let it burst through in some form or another. I feel like reading this right now is a great pre-requisite for that, as well as a nice primer for some of my creative goals for this year.

  • Finding Carter Thank you to the Verizon guy for finally showing up yesterday and connecting our internet and cable! I can finally catch up on my Hulu queue (and finally have some alone time so I don't subject Dan to my cheesy teenage dramas). I'm finally starting season two of Finding Carter, and I admit...I love this teenage drama.

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