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Friday, January 29, 2016

It's been a lazy week. I've been a bit down and spending lots of time curled up in bed. Our friend Jared came into town Tuesday night and caught us up on his life. We wandered around a bit on Wednesday, showing him a bit of our new neighborhood and trying an Irish pub for lunch. I'm so excited that we're not too far away from friends anymore.

The Christmas package I shipped to my friend Di in the Netherlands finally arrived on Wednesday, a month late and soaking wet. Does anyone have experience filing claims with international shipping carriers?

I cooked like crazy this week. A huge shopping list and trip resulted in my being able to make all sorts of recipes I found on Pinterest, like this pasta (which was unexpectedly very spicy.this pot roast, and this tasty broccoli cheddar soup. (Seriously amazing!)

  • On Tuesday I shared photos I took of our snowy weekend, including a few shots of some of the awesome street art near the canal walk. Richmond is seriously such a cool city.
  • I have received a ton of really thoughtful questions on my Adoptee survey. Thank you! I wasn't expecting such in-depth questions (or quite so many). Click over if you're still curious; I'll keep the survey open another week or so.

Listening To
  • Matter by St. Lucia I'm so excited for the rest of this album to release. Four songs were immediately available with my pre-order and Dancing on Glass is already a favorite.
  • Colourblind by Hands Like Houses This is the first single from their new album, Dissonants. I can't wait to listen to the rest and hope they come nearby on tour soon!

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I'm linking up with Anne from Love the Here and Now for this week's Blogger Love link-up.

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