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Friday, February 26, 2016

This past week can only be described as heartbreaking for so many reasons. I personally did not suffer, but I witnessed from afar as people and places I love have dealt with incredibly difficult and devastating situations this week.

> Two of my lifelong neighbors passed away this past week, one from each side of our family's property. They were both elderly and had been suffering poor health for years, but it was still difficult to hear and know they are gone. Just to put this into perspective, there are only seven homes in our tiny neighborhood; losing two people is 20% of my parents' neighbors.

> Then I witnessed two mothers' heartbreak. A girl I graduated with lost her nephew after a lifetime of medical issues. They buried him on his fifth birthday. His mother's blog is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Then a girl I went to college with found out that the little girl she's pregnant with has a rare tumor and will not survive the rest of the pregnancy. I can't imagine such news.

> And then came Wednesday's storms. Dan and I later took shelter in the bathroom, the only place in our apartment without nine-foot windows. The winds were terrifying and the sirens all around town were going off. I was glued to my phone, watching updates on Twitter and absolutely terrified that one of the many rotational clouds heading directly toward downtown Richmond were going to stir up more trouble. I'm so thankful that things ended uneventfully for us here.

Such a tough week; sorry to be so depressing! I've spent a lot of time these past few days very thankful for everything in my life and that our families aren't facing anything incredibly difficult right now. I can only pray that those I know who are suffering will find some peace and that it will all get easier with time.


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