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Friday, March 11, 2016

Any day now I will be setting a launch date for my newly-designed Wordpress blog. You know I'll be screaming from the rooftops when this new site launches, so I promise you won't miss it. I'm excited about the clean, professional look it will have as well as specialized travel pages that will make navigating my site much easier than it is currently.

Even as I've been dedicating so much time to setting up my new site, I've been concerned about the content, quality, and consistency that you find here on Em Busy Living. I know that when I'm busy I'm not as consistent, and sometimes the topics of my posts are all over the place. EBL isn't much of a "honed-in niche" blog, but I do have some recurring themes, even if they're sort of broad. I decided to throw this survey into one of my "Weekly Roundup" posts because it is my most consistent series, but I'm even asking you to critique my "Weekly Roundups" in this survey.

Please help me out by spending 5 minutes answering these 9 questions. Your feedback will help me more than you know.

And now, on to my roundup...


  • Cooked (Netflix) Cooked is a beautiful four-part documentary series that delves into the world and history of cooking. Following the research of author Michael Pollan (whose recent book Cooked is what this docu-series is based on,) we're taught the history and basics of cooking around the world and throughout time based on the four earth elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. This series reminds you how beautiful and what an act of love cooking is, and that we should all aim to spend more time cooking from scratch for and with those we love.

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